Accounting Software

Accounting Software Program or Computerised Accounting For Business


     The Practical Training in Computerised Book-keeping and Management Accounts is designed for candidates that are new to Book-keeping and Management Accounts environment. It is structured to allow you to master a computerised accounting package of your choice from QuickBooks, Express, D-Account and Key Time software. These are currently in demand in today’s competitive accountancy Job Market.

      The Computerised Book-keeping and Management Accounts training equips candidates with the technical skills required to perform a role as Accounts Administrator, Accounts Assistant, Finance Assistant or Trainee Accountant.

   Candidates will be trained on the following tasks.

• Set up companies                                                   • VAT  Standard accounting scheme
• Nominal Ledger, Nominal Code, Chart of Accounts    

• Basic T Accounts Concept (Double Entry) & Computerised Accounts Double Entry
• Tax Codes and Settings                                          • Customers Accounts Setup
• Customers  Batch Invoices and Credit Notes             • Suppliers Accounts Setup
• Suppliers (inc. Invoices and Credit Notes)                 • Bank Payments and Receipts
• Bank Reconciliation                                                • Error Corrections
• Processing VAT Return                                           • Reconciling the VAT Return
• Reconciling and Closing of VAT                               • Closing the Books
• Financial Reports